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Hollywood – The Food Network is looking for grandmothers to participate in its new series, Clash of the Grandmas. The cable network station is accepting nominations of grandmas with the “wit of Betty White and the skills of Betty Crocker” to prove that their favorite recipes can “stand the test of time.”
From tasty entrees to delectable desserts, the Food Network is looking to host grandmas and their best dishes in Los Angeles to tape the series. The series will tape in late spring / early summer for four to five days. Travel and accommodations will be provided and the winner will receive a cash prize.
Do you have a grandma to nominate? Are you a grandma who loves to cook? To nominate a grandma that you know or to apply yourself for the series, email grandmothercasting@leg-corp.com with your location (city, state) in the subject line and include the following information:
1. Your and/or your nominee’s name
2. Contact info for you and/or nominee (phone number, email address)
3.  Your or nominee’s occupation (or former occupation, if retired)
4. Your or nominee’s location (city/state)
5. Describe your or your nominee’s cooking or chef experience, cooking style, signature dishes and why you believe that you or your nominee would be perfect for the show
6. Attach photos of you/nominated grandma (including photos with the kids and/or grandkids and photos of her food if possible)
Grandmas age 50 and above are eligible to nominate themselves or be nominated. The networks Clash of the Grandmas was a one-episode cooking competition special that aired last year that the network is now taking to series. Each episode will feature four different Grandmas competing to win a cash prize and bragging rights.
Don’t delay and enter today to represent the South Shore!