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Dare to downsize!


Randy Veraguas

By Randy Veraguas
Happy New Year!  As the first of many “little” articles on the subject of downsizing, you may be thinking, “Downsizing-oh, that’s a dirty word!”  but I beg to differ.  I find the word right and light.  In my years of experience with personal downsizing, along with many years of listening to downsizing stories from others, the words I hear repeatedly are, “I wish I had done it sooner!”  So to me, downsizing isn’t a dirty word or something to fear, or be ashamed of, but rather it is the right choice for many folks because when they do it…they feel right and light!
I am simply daring you to start.
OK, so you’re not ready.  That’s fine.  Downsizing isn’t for everyone.  But each month I’ll be writing little tidbits of downsizing tips and best practices. If you’re considering downsizing down the road, what better month to start than January!
Start to downsize. That’s right, you don’t have to finish, there’s no deadline.  There’ll be no walls of boxes falling on you, no tape to unpeel or bubble wrap to buy.  It’s OK to start something even if you don’t know when or if you’ll ever be finished.  Simply take one room at a time and ask yourself some questions about what you find there:
Have I used this in the last two years?
Do I have any future need for this? Answer honestly!
Could I get rid of it and borrow this item if I ever needed one again?
Does it have any significance in my life?
Beginning to get rid of things you don’t use will give you more space.  How’s that for something to ponder…downsizing can actually give you more. So go ahead! I dare you to start.
About the Author
Randy Veraguas is the Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, a senior living community in North Quincy, and is the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare To Downsize. www.daretodownsize.weebly.com.

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