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Life insurance benefits helping Catholics since 1879


Affordable programs available for seniors

Braintree — For nearly 140 years a fraternal insurance benefits society has been available to Catholics in the Greater Boston area and throughout most of the country.
The Catholic Association of Foresters, (CAOF) a not-for-profit organization, located in Braintree, has more than 3,700 members living in and around the communities south of Boston. According to Association spokesperson Phil McNiff, “we are the best kept secret in in the insurance industry!”
The Association is actively seeking out those who wish to find the most affordable and competitive life insurance rates available—including supplemental coverage for as little as $1,000 in coverage. He emphasizes that, “What we have to offer is something no one really has, even though our rates are extremely competitive, even with the giants, our limited payments for whole life plans are payable for just 20 years.”
To qualify for this plan you must be a Catholic (or married to or children of).  Over the years the CAOF has had a many members of note in its ranks, including Boston Mayer James Michael Curley (1874-1958).
Many policy-holders have relied on these programs to:

  • Protect loved ones from financial catastrophe or a reduced lifestyle in the event of death by replacing their income and/or paying off their mortgage.
  • Pay final expenses, such as burial costs, estate planning and administration costs, debts and medical expenses, so that family members will not be unexpectedly burned by these costs.
  • Provide an inheritance for heirs.
  • Pay estate taxes.
  • Pay for education or fund their retirement if the policy allows you to build cash value, which can be withdrawn or borrowed against.
  • Make planned charitable gifts.

Although open to Catholics of all nationalities, it is interesting to note the Association’s history. Founded in 1879 to foster the financial security and assimiliaton of struggling Irish Catholic immigrants, the Catholic Association of Foresters has brought financial security to thousands of families over the years and has supported communities through fraternal outreach. The monies raised through dues and policy sales enable the Society to annually award scholastic grants for college education.
If you are exploring retirement options and would like to plan for future generations, consider learning more about the options that CAOF offers. For more information please call Phil McNiff at 800-282-2263. You can also find more details at the organization’s website: www.catholicforesters.org.