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South Shore Hearing Center new sponsor


Dr. Jennifer Mayer and the staff of South Shore Hearing Center.

We are pleased to announce that the South Shore Hearing Center will be sponsoring our radio show on WATD-FM 95.9, My Generation, broadcast on Sunday nights, 7-8:00 pm. Looking for sound advice? That’s all they do at the South Shore Hearing Center. Located in South Weymouth in the Stetson Medical Center, 541 Main St.
Five Reasons to Call South Shore Hearing Center

  1. 1.You’ll increase your self-confidence.
    When you can carry on a conversation, and can clearly hear what others are saying, you’ll not only feel smarter, you’ll act it, too.
  2. You’ll improve your relationships with family and friends.
    When you hear better, it makes it easier to communicate and stay connected.
  3. You can increase your income.
    You’ll enjoy work more and won’t miss out on opportunities because of hearing loss.
  4. You’ll feel better physically.
    Hearing loss is directly correlated to increased hospital visits. With better hearing, your balance may improve and you’ll be healthier and happier, too.
  5. You’ll enjoy life more.
    With better hearing, you can live life to its fullest.