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Listen to our conversation with Kate and Lloyd Emery


Kate and Lloyd Emery join Patti Abbate and Tom Foye in the WATD-FM 95.9 studios last night.

Lloyd and Kate Emery were the most delightful guests last night on  our radio show,“My Generation,” broadcast on WATD 95.9 FM.
Did you know that 80 is the new 40? That’s their mantra, as they have reinvented themselves in their 80s. If you missed the show, take a moment and listen to what inspires Kate and Lloyd. As author and promoter of the now-popular Muffy MacMouse children’s book series, they have found motivation and purpose with this new venture. For more about their books, please visit: https://www.muffymacmouse.com.
Click the audio link below to listen to the show.