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Dare to Downsize: Dare to March!


Reprinted from the March issue of South Shore Senior News
LABEL 2By Randy Veraguas
It’s the month of action, right?  So I dare you to March through your home and label things.  You can do that.  Yes you can.  Oh you don’t have labels?  Make them…repurpose that pile of mail and cut out some paper and grab some tape and start labeling.  Why do this, you ask?  Well, this is the tiny column about downsizing.  I’m trying to help you find that silver lining to the cloud of downsizing.  I think when I break down the steps into smaller easier actions, the whole idea of downsizing seems more attainable.  And if you’re not downsizing, labeling can’t hurt.  So I dare you all to march through your home and label your things.
What to label, you ask?  Oh goodness, what’s not to label?  My landlord is going to be 90 this August and she’s got a big, scratch that, she has three big houses, and everything is labeled.  It’s good to know what drawer to open when you’re looking for, say, some tape…some tape to help stick on the labels!
Actually, you might figure this out yourself, but as you’re labeling things, you’ll come across a lot of stuff you have doubles of, or triples of, that you only need one of…so go ahead, take a deep breath and toss them in the pile labeled  Give Away.   Hey, it’s also the month of Rainbows and Leprechauns and we’re supposed to be feeling lucky, right?  How lucky would it be for somebody to get the extra stuff you don’t need?  Lucky for you getting organized and decluttered and lucky for the receiver who can use your extra!
So let’s focus on the silver lining and start labeling. You’ll have an easier time when the move comes because you’ll know what you have and the exact location of it all.  And if people get lucky while you’re marching through your home labeling and finding extras…well, that’s like sharing the pot of gold, isn’t it?  I know because when I moved back to the states from Greece where I lost everything, I got lots of lucky nuggets from my label happy landlord.
March march march!
highres_259465264Randy Veraguas, Community Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, is an expert on down-sizing. Her energy and enthusiasm translate through her writing. Randy is also the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare to Downsize.
Randy’s contact information: Randy.Veraguas@AtriaSeniorLiving.com781-635-5414 http://www.DareToDownsize.weebly.com