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Springtime is Cleantime!


Unknown-1By Sharon L. Fisher
A natural period of renewal, spring is the best time to clean out, lighten up and re-organize. Enlist the help of others (like the whole family! so it will not be overwhelming.
Reduce the clutter in your home will maximize your space and spring-cleaning can be very therapeutic!
Here is a checklist to get you to “spring into action” with this annual ritual.
Getting ready:

  • Schedule time and commit to it. Mark it on the calendar.
  • Make a list of what you want to accomplish. Survey each room, noting what needs to be done.
  • Estimate how much time is needed for various tasks, buy supplies and check tools.
  • Make calls ahead of time for donation pick up, rug cleaner, etc.
  • Structuring a process will making it easier year to year.


  • Get & mark boxes: donation, storage, garage sale, and one for each member of the household.
  • Use 10-15 min. each night before the scheduled time to work on small areas. (catalogs, closet)
  • Do your regular laundry beforehand to leave the machine for curtains, rugs & bedding.

Night before:

  • Assign tasks to everyone. Include; check smoke detectors, clean out the fridge, medicine cabinet, and junk draws.
  • Place boxes in designated areas.


  • Plan a good breakfast & a fun break (ice cream!)
  • Start in a room of your choice and work top to bottom.
  • Finish one area before starting a new one. Move around the room, don’t criss cross. Remember the TV, computer, lampshades, doorknobs & behind the furniture.
  • Assign each family member an hour to be a DJ and keep everyone motivated.


  • Continue to place miscellaneous pieces found throughout the house back to their proper area.
  • Don’t forget members have a basket or box of their own (to be emptied later).
  • Put an errand basket by the front or back door for items that need to be brought somewhere.
  • Let others know ahead of time that the scheduled time or day is designated to cleaning to keep calls at a minimum.
  • If you can’t give up a whole weekend at least plan to do it over several days allotting 3-4 hours if possible.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks and reward yourself!

End result:

  • At the outcome, you will have a sense of completion and reduces stress knowing that all is in order
  • Smile, kick off your shoes and head to the beach!

Sharon Fisher

About the Author
Sharon L. Fisher of COME TO ORDER! Organizing Services lives in Hull and spends her days helping people with their “stuff.  She has been offering hands on, customized solutions to maximize your space and simplify your life for over 20 years.
Call her to set up an organizing session; gain space! Save time! Take control of your life!  781-925-8925