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Listen to our conversation with Rosemarie Lanchester, owner, Everything You Wish For

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Rosemarie Lanchester, Owner, Everything You Wish For,  and host Patti Abbate.

Last night we welcomed Rosemarie Lanchester, owner, Everything You With For,  to our radio show, My Generation, on 95.9 WATD-FM. Our discussion focused on a new and popular alternative, natural therapy used to treat emotional and physical pain, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also known as Tapping.
Please click the audio link below to listen to the broadcast.

From Everything You Wish For website

The human body holds trauma and emotional blockages in certain energy centers of the mind/body system.  When left undiscovered, these blockages naturally manifest into physical and emotional pain, and/or illness.

The role of the Subconscious mind it to protect us.  Trauma occurs in everyone’s life. What is traumatic to you may not be traumatic to another.  What matters is that these memories trigger you and will disrupt your daily life in unpleasant ways.  As humans, we all tend to ‘stuff’ unpleasant memories away in order not to deal with them, pushing them ‘under the rug’, so to speak. Eventually, these unresolved feelings and emotions will most certainly result in physical pain and (or) illness.  The goal of EFT is to ‘Neutralize’ these wounds and trauma so that they no longer affect us in a negative way.  The key to happiness is ‘Neutrality’!!

‘Tapping’ takes the ‘charge’ out of these unpleasant experiences and results are ‘measurable’, and very often immediate.  Depending on the severity of the issue, results vary.

 The best part about EFT is that the sequence works for everything!  If you have a headache, it can lessen or eliminate it.  If you have a craving, you can eliminate it.  If you’ve had a loss of a loved one, you can use it to lessen that huge emotional sadness and burden.  It works great clearing anxiety, anger, fears and phobias! You can clear away misconceptions about money, find a new job, love/accept and forgive yourself for past mistakes.  The possibilities are endless!

My role is your ‘Guide’ to help uncover your issues (ideally, determining the root cause) which will diminish the ‘charge’ these triggers, and traumas have upon you, easier than you ever thought possible, thus creating true Happiness and Peace of Mind!!!