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Old-fashioned radio dramas are making a comeback in Marshfield this summer


19390601_10154696455018170_3283083105541061921_oMarshfield – The Talking Information Center, a non-profit reading service that broadcasts readings of newspapers, magazines and books to visually impaired listeners, will air three new live radio dramas this summer. Listeners can tune in at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 29, for the first of the series, a live broadcast of “Sorry, Wrong Number.”

“Sorry, Wrong Number” follows the story of a woman who accidentally overhears a murder plot. It originally is also a 1948 thriller film starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster.
TIC Radio and Podcast Players, made up of of 45 Talking Information Center volunteers who auditioned for the parts, perform the plays before a live studio audience at the Talking Information Center. The center is located at 130 Enterprise Dr, Marshfield.
The cast includes locals like Loretta Patterson of Duxbury, Joanne Salines of Hanover, and Richard Bodurtha of Plymouth. Another actress, Susan Romboldi, is blind and will be reading the script in Braille.
Talking Information Center’s producer John Shea and executive director of the Bay Colony Shakespeare Company Eric Joseph will lead the productions. No tickets will be sold but donations can be made in support of the Talking Information Center.