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Listen to last night's show with guests Anna Dunbar, Dianne Legro, and Eric Joseph


Dianne Legro, Anna Dunbar, and Eric Joseph, in the studio at 95.9 WATD-FM, last night.

Preview a scene from the first of a series of old-fashioned radio dramas

Preview a live scene from “Sorry, Wrong Number,” performed by local actors during our live broadcast last night. This vintage thriller, a popular radio play from 1943,  will be performed live this Thursday, June 29, from the studios of the Talking Information Center (TICnetwork.org), at 7:00 PM. It is the first in a series of radio dramas TIC is sponsoring.
We were fortunate to have TIC’s Assistant Executive Director, Anna Dunbar, along with the star of the first show, Dianne Legro, and the show’s producer and director, Eric Joseph, as guests.
“Sorry, Wrong Number” follows the story of a woman who accidentally overhears a murder plot. It originally is also a 1948 thriller film starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster.
TIC Radio and Podcast Players, made up of of 45 Talking Information Center volunteers who auditioned for the parts, will perform the plays before a live studio audience at the Talking Information Center. The center is located at 130 Enterprise Dr, Marshfield.
The cast includes locals like Loretta Patterson of Duxbury, Joanne Salines of Hanover, and Richard Bodurtha of Plymouth. Another actress, Susan Romboldi, is blind and will be reading the script in Braille. For the first of the series, local performer Dianne Legro plays the part of the main character, Leona Stevenson. Legro is also a noted performer, award winning soprano, speaking coach, author, and teaching artist. To learn more, please visit her website.
Eric Joseph, the play’s producer and director, is also the Executive Director of the Bay Colony Shakespeare Company,
Studs Terkel’s play, Working, will be produced and broadcast live in July, and Shirley Jackson’s, The Lottery, in August.  Sponsorships are being sought to support these productions and to support the organization’s work. Although no tickets will be sold, donations can be made in support of the Talking Information Center. 
To listen to the show, please click on the audio link below. Enjoy!


About Talking Information Center:

Talking Information Center (TIC) is a non-profit reading service that broadcasts newspapers,magazines, books, and special consumer information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to visually impaired and print impaired listeners.


In 1978, radio station WATD-FM in Marshfield proposed donating its’ sub-carrier signal for the creation of a special service to provide the reading of print information to blind and legally blind individuals living on the South Shore. A dedicated group of volunteers formed the non-profit Talking Information Center and with a grant from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, the first such service in New England began broadcasting on June 19th. Since that time, the service has expanded to six affiliate locations serving thousands across the entire Commonwealth.

Aspiration and Values


Continue to provide unique programming to a variety of individuals whose disability prevents their access to the written word.


Disability plays no favorites, TIC’s programs serve all ages and ethnic backgrounds.