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Dare to Downsize!


By Randy Veraguas
Dare to Improve!


Randy Veraguas

It’s been years since I’ve gone to school but it never fails, September rolls around and I get excited about back to school clothes and back to school sales and back-to-school themed events at work! Something exciting about the weather getting chillier and pulling out the sweaters and hunting for new boots and wondering if this year I’ll actually managed to not only find a matching scarf and gloves but keep them together all winter!  That would be an improvement over other winters! 😉
September is the National Self Improvement Month.  Let’s apply this to downsizing~
As the sales director at Atria Marina Place I’m always thinking up events to get professionals to come over and see our community. This September I’m offering a Back To School CEU Program (it’s free continuing education for nurses and social workers).  I’ve been hosting events for the past 4 years.  Everybody who comes in for the first time ends up saying, “Oh my, your residents are so happy!”  Now, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be happy. They’ve taken the decision themselves- to improve.  They’ve downsized.  They are with their peers. They are with active like-minded peers at that. They’re all having fun with over 250 activities offered a month! I know assisted living or Senior Living isn’t for everybody. But if a vibrant seaside community sounds like fun, then take a peek. And don’t be surprised when you feel that energy and hear the laughter and see all the smiles.  These folks have improved.
When we improve where we live, it certainly improves our mood; am I right?  It’s not about Quantity, it’s about Quality!!  Um…unless we’re talking about gloves, then quantity plays a pretty important role.  Having two is very helpful.  Ah hem,  I know I had a pair and now I can only find one of them!  Oh goodness…maybe I need to downsize sooner than later.  Where on earth is that other glove??!  😉
About the Author
Randy Veraguas, Community Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, is an expert on down-sizing. Her energy and enthusiasm translate through her writing. Randy is also the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare to Downsize.
Randy’s contact information: Randy.Veraguas@AtriaSeniorLiving.com781-635-5414 http://www.DareToDownsize.weebly.com

Reprinted from the September 2017 issue of South Shore Senior News