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Dare to be aware!

UnknownBy Randy Veraguas
North Quincy – Aren’t some Halloween decorations just the cutest things ever? I don’t think Halloween is a scary holiday anymore. Of course, I did when I was little and I hadn’t experienced many Halloweens. Now that I’m older I realize there’s a totally fun side to Halloween. I think the same can be said about downsizing. At first it might sound scary. Although you’re going to a smaller place, it can be a BIG change. What we don’t know can be really terrifying! So the more we learn about it and prepare for it and talk to others who have downsized, the more we eliminate our own fear of the unknown. Downsizing can be really fun! Just like a good Halloween party! But be Aware!!!
Dare to Be Aware (I’m serious, even though it is Sarcastic Month! Hahaha. I’m never sarcastic. wink wink.) It’s also Awareness month. And the rest week of October is officially titled Get Organized. (I know! How hard is it to get some day, week or month officially labeled? These articles will be so popular some day when it’s offcially Dare to Downsize week! Ha.) But I digress.
Have you started looking for a smaller home? There seems to be a lot of information out there regarding the actual move, the physical downsizing part, but finding the right place can be the biggest chore. Want some help? Are you using any professionals? Don’t fear hiring a professional. They work FOR YOU. Be aware of the costs involved with or without professionals. For real estate professionals, look for friendly folks who have the Senior Realtor Estate Specialist insignia, They are trained to understand older people’s particular situations and needs. They also make reliable referral sources if you need some extra help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
So many choices are out there! What are you looking for in a town? A reputation, a coastal feel, public transportation, does it need its own hospital? What about those neighborhoods? Get close to senior centers. Get near a bus route. Does it have a bike path or walking trail? What’s important to you? Think about those front stairs or upstairs bathrooms. Will that be scary some day? A good school might not matter to you, but think about resale value. If you’re renting, you might get your security deposit back faster if the next family moves in immediately. … thinking about all this and planning ahead could potentially save you thousands! And there’s nothing scary about savings.

If it sounds too good, buy it! No no no, I was being sarcastic! If it sounds too good, then call a friend or the local senior center to help you avoid a scam. Be aware of scams…those are scary!
Remember this move is in your hands. Be aware of opportunities and choose to have fun. Make a plan and keep notes. With the right knowledge, some helpful guidance and a creative well tting Halloween costume, you’ll be ready to downsize!
Oh yeah…the costume is a must! (Insert Sarcastic tone. Muhahaha!)
highres_259465264About the Author
Randy Veraguas is the Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, a senior living community in North Quincy. She is also the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare to Downsize, www.daretodownsize. weebly.com. You can reach Randy at 781-635-5414.


Reprinted from the October 2017 edition of the South Shore Senior News from Randy’s monthly Dare to Downsize column