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Job hunting? Listen to our conversation with author Toby Haberkorn for tips and inspiration


Toby Haberkorn

Last night, Toby Haborkorn, author of the new book,  Best Job Search Tips for Age 60-Plus; A Practical Work Options Resource for Baby Boomers, was our guest on the 95.9 WATD show, My Generation.
Click on the audio link below to listen to the entire show:

Toby’s book is a must read for people who want to continue working past age 60! Welcome to Best Job Search Tips For Age 60-Plus: A Practical Work Options Resource for Baby Boomers where readers will learn about effective job search strategies and realistic work possibilities. Boomers have already changed many of the stereotypes our society holds. Most would say they are very different from their parents, who appeared to be much older at the same age and saw retirement as the only reward for their years of work. With so many Americans living into their 90s, working past age 60 is increasingly common. Whether working for income or looking for meaningful work post retirement, job seekers face an employment market has changed drastically in recent years. This “forever young” generation now must also confront many workplace challenges including age discrimination. In an evolving and competitive job market, proactive preparation is more important than ever before. With over 25 years of experience, employment coaches, Toby Haberkorn and Elizabeth O’Neal understand the unique skill sets Baby Boomers bring to the job market, as well as the challenges of finding employment in a youth-oriented world. Their advice and job search resources are ideal for those who want to stay in the game. • Learn to implement effective 21st century job search strategies • Make technology and internet work for you • Update your personal and digital profile • Prepare for telephone, video and in-person interviews • Neutralize age-related employment challenges.

Show producer Tim McKenney alerts us that our guest,  author Toby Haberkorn,  is on the phone from Houston and will be joining our conversation on 95.9 WATD-FM.

51a1OFYFt-L-1._UY250_Toby is an experienced executive-search consultant and certified job search strategist. She enjoys working with mature individuals who are at crossroads in their careers and lives. Toby is known for her job-market knowledge, strategic expertise and mentoring. She helps individuals determine and achieve their goals.
Toby’s career has ranged from being the Executive Director of a Cultural Arts Center to working in Human Resources Management and retained-executive search as well as having written an industrial newsletter.
To purchase her book, please visit Amazon.com.