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Dare to be….Thankful!


imagesWhen people say things as simple as “be thankful” and “be happy” it’s actually a huge pressure-filled task if you think seriously about it. Nevertheless, November’s issue I am calling Dare to be Thankful. For the obvious reason that Thanksgiving falls in this month but for another more personal reason I am sticking with it. I am focusing my thoughts on being thankful since I found out I need to get a divorce.  So, I have reminded myself once again to be thankful for the good in my life instead of useless worrying over anything negative. And that can apply to your home situation.
Really, no matter what situation you’re in, you can choose to focus on what it is about that place that makes you thankful.  Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have running water? Do you have electricity? If you can answer yes to those three questions you are in a very good place, my friend. There are thousands of people, even in AMERICA, that are homeless. Now I know some reasons are due to do mental illness and some have to do with the recent crazy weather & fires and some are just plain tired veterans.  I’ve heard lots of these folks on the radio and TV and guess what?  They’re still thankful they’re alive and thankful for the help they’re getting!  I’m sure you can think of 11 reasons right now that you’re thankful. I sure can!
Why did I choose 11?  Just because November is the 11th month. 🙂
While driving down your Life’s Road, it’s normal to accidentally go down a path not intended. Remember you’re in charge…you’re the driver.  Get back on track even if that means backing up for a bit.  It’s ok to use the reverse!  😊  Be thankful that you can! There is a very popular country song called Thank God for Unanswered Prayers. If you took a wrong turn, maybe there was a lesson there.  And if you didn’t downsize to that ultimate place…maybe there was a good reason.  See, we can choose to be thankful no matter what.  (ha, and we should be thankful that we can make that choice!)
Downsizing can certainly feel like a storm cloud.  But remember, storm clouds have a silver lining and a rainbow just waiting to shine through. Choose to focus on your silver lining and look for the rainbows!  I believe you’ll be thankful that you did!
~ Happy Thanksgiving~
highres_259465264About the Author

Randy Veraguas is the Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, a senior living community in North Quincy. She is also the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare to Downsize, www. daretodownsize.weebly.com. You can reach Randy at 781-635-5414.

Reprinted from the November 2017 issue of the South Shore Senior News