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Dare to decorate!


Reindeer-imageBy Randy Veraguas
Ho Ho HO….whether or not you believe Santa will be visiting Dec. 24th, it never hurts to embrace the power of decoration.  Doesn’t a well decorated place lift your spirits?  So you’re in a smaller place; doesn’t mean you can’t go BIG with decorations!
So dare to decorate… I know that space is at a premium.  That’s why I’m going to give you some suggestions on decorating with things that you can literally fit into a drawer. You can throw a holiday emblazoned tablecloth over your table. Voila! Already looks like a party is happening! You could throw some Garland or beads around your lamp shades or over your framed art.  You could take ribbon and tie bows on the tops of your kitchen chairs, or hang strips of curled ribbon from your cupboard pull handles. You don’t need a big space to add sparkly stickers to your mirror.  Add a festive touch to your doors by turning them into giant presents with your favorite wrapping paper!  Hang some big paper decorations from the ceiling corner for more pizzazz.  They fold flat for storing.
It’s quite simple. When you’re finished with the holidays, everything can go back in the drawer or is cheap enough to throw out and get new next year.  If you insist on keeping larger holiday decorations, but don’t have enough “stuff” for a whole storage unit, there’s a new business called On Demand Storage that not only stores small things, but they’ll pick it up and then later, will deliver your goods as requested!
Want some motivation to decorate?
Go to the shopping malls or walk around the lobbies of fancy hotels. Better yet, grab a gaggle of gals and make a fun time of it by going to a senior living community. They’re always nicely decorated! And guess what? It’s not going to cost you a thing!
Oh they want you to visit.  Trust me…I’m a Sales Director at Atria Marina Place and if you come in even to say, “I need to see this nautical tree Randy was talking about” (which I will) you will be greeted with open arms!  By the way, we’re going to be decorating this year with a nautical theme.  Marina Place….does it really surprise you?  😉  Please come see our nautical themed tree.  Stay for lunch, get the full tour and please ask for me.  I LOVE meeting the readers!
Check out the calendar of events; these are always listed on the website. Pick a day to go that’ll be fun for you.  The seniors at these places would love to meet you and maybe even show you their decorated apartments!
And would you like to know what people who live in small spaces want for gifts?  Time. Your time is a precious gift. So while you’re out with your friends admiring the variety of BIG holiday decor, you’re actually giving each other the best gift ever.  So please don’t skip the decorations just because you’re in a smaller place.  Embrace the holidays. Have some fun gifting your time!
Dare to decorate!

highres_259465264About the Author
Randy Veraguas is the Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, a senior living community in North Quincy. She is also the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare to Downsize, www.daretodownsize. weebly.com. You can reach Randy at 781-635-5414.
Reprinted from the December 2017 issue of the South Shore Senior News.