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Listen to our conversation with local authors, Kate and Lloyd Emery

Kate MacLeod Emery and Lloyd Emery

Kate MacLeod Emery and Lloyd Emery

Last night, Kate MacLeod Emery and her husband, Lloyd Emery, were guests on our radio show, My Generation, broadcast live from the 95.9 WATD studios in Marshfield, MA. Kate is the author of the popular three-book Muffy MacMouse series for children, and has just published her memoir, Eighty is the New Forty: My Highway of Life.
Lloyd is the driving force behind the author, as he is the designer, marketer, photographer, and huge support to all of Kate’s creative endeavors. Together, they are an unbeatable team. You will enjoy our conversation, as Kate and Lloyd discuss the fascinating process of writing an autobiography and getting it published. Forever young, the Emerys are always on the go and you’ll find their story very inspiring. Kate is available for personal appearances, inspirational talks, and interviews. You can purchase all of her books and contact her via their website. Click on the audio link below, sit back, and enjoy the show!


A word from the author:

“Eighty is the New Forty”, is the title of my new book.  It is my story of  the inspiration and spirituality that I have
acquired from the very strong people in my life that held  on to the tightwire that balanced the amazing adventures, along
with the sadness and challenging times in my life.
     Writing this book gave me the opportunity of living my
lifetime once again through my memories and choices that I
make being the age 82, compared to my childhood thoughts.
     I do feel much younger than eighty two today by keeping
active with my husband Lloyd, living with our amazing friends
that circle around us to enjoy lunch and a movie, afternoon
tea or playing catch up on the telephone chatting for hours.
Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren being
around us giving us total joy!
     My husband Lloyd, along with the adoption of our mouse
child, Muffy, the main character in my collection of Muffy MacMouse books, gives us so much pleasure. He is our perfect
mouse that keeps his room clean, always does what he’s told,
never forgets doing homework and is great company hanging
with us as we live our retired lives.  Muffy is also one of
the adopted horses on the Paragon Carousel at Nantasket beach in Hull, Massachusetts as he spins around spreading the lessons to children of caring and sharing, following the rules and
making the right choices.
      I hope all my readers will be inspired as they share my life with me.