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Experts discuss medical marijuana


Beth Dost, Rob Durante, and Brandon Pollock, in the 95.9 WATD-FM studios.

Last night’s My Generation radio show featured experts in the field of medical cannabis, and was broadcast on 95.9 WATD-FM from 7-8:00 PM.
Our panelists:
Rob Durante, COO, MedWell Health and Wellness 
Brandon Pollack, CEO, Theory Wellness
Beth Dost, RN, Cannabis Nurse and Clinical Director for the Massachusetts Patient’s Advocacy Alliance.
Highlights of this informative discussion:

  • Why it’s important to maintain a medical marijuana certification even as retail marijuana outlets are scheduled to open this summer. Considerations include sales taxes (20-26%) on retail product, ease of access, dosage limits, and supply constraints when market opens.
  • Medical conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis.
  • How to find more information on medical marijuana.
  • Interesting theories on deficiencies in our bodies that may be brought into balance with cannabis.

Click the link below and enjoy the panel discussion!

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