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Curious about past-life regression hypnosis? Listen to our fascinating conversation with Cliff Aguirre!


IMG_7270Last night, Cliff Aguirre was our guest on My Generation, broadcast live from 95.9 WATD-FM. As a certified hypnotherapist, Aguirre helps clients overcome phobias, eat more healthily, manage anxiety, stress, and depression, and promote inner healing. He says, “I help people make positive changes in their life.” He also helps clients explore past life experiences through this process as well.
His book, Journey Back, the Amazing Memories of Individuals Through Past-Life Regression, details the experiences of 27 volunteers. During last night’s show, Cliff shared three audio recordings from actual sessions with clients who traveled back in time. In the recordings, they describe fascinating experiences during the San Francisco  earthquake of 1906, as a Bavarian soldier during WWII, and as a mother sheltering her children during the London Blitz in the early 1940s.  For more information visit Aguirre’s two websites: cliffaguirre.com and mindbalancehypnosis.com. You may also call 339-214-8194 for information about hypnosis, and if you’re interested in booking events and other business-related matters, please call 781-427-1342.
He has authored two other books, The Death Transition: The Process of Passing Over, and Encounters With The Other SideMy Experiences With After Death Visitations. He has also written and produced original music, and can be found on the speaker circuit.
Cliff’s next upcoming personal appearance will be on Saturday, June 30, from 2-4:30 PM, at the Hingham Public Library, 66 Leavitt St., Hingham. He will be discussing past-life regression therapy and will also include a 20-minute video of actual past-life regressions, expanded stories from the book, and the benefits and myths about hypnosis.
To listen to our conversation with Cliff Aguirre, please click on the audio link below and enjoy!

Cliff is opening a new office this month! Here are details:

Mind Balance Hypnosis

145 Washington St., Norwell, MA (Route 53)

NBA Building