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Listen to Inge's heartbreaking, personal story of survival in post-WWII Eastern Europe as a "Wolf Child"


Kristen Arute, Inge, and Bettina, at the 95.9 WATD-FM studios last night. (Pictured from left)

Orphaned at the age of nine, Inge found herself fighting for         survival at the end of WWII while living with her family                          in Eastern Europe.

“It’s a miracle I’m here today,” she marvels.

At the end of WWII, thousands of young children found themselves orphaned and fighting for survival in Eastern Europe. They lived on the streets, foraging for any scrap of food that would keep them going until the next day. Now 83, Inge is one of the very few surviving “Wolf Children” who is now thriving, and living in Massachusetts.

Last night we were honored to welcome Inge to our show, My Generation, broadcast on 95.9 WATD-FM. Inge’s story is one of courage, perseverance, and heartbreak. At the age of nine she became separated from her family and lived off the land and the kindness of strangers in Lithuania for 15 years. She holds memories of harrowing days spent traveling by train between countries, sleeping on hay bales and on train platforms, hiding from Russian soldiers, searching for her mother, and foraging for food. Her story is one that needs to be heard and remembered.

Please listen to Inge’s fascinating story by clicking on the audio link below. And please share with others.

Special Note:

Kristen Arute has captured Inge’s vivid memories in audio format. Working with Inge’s daughter, Bettina, she has been gathering stories and producing them in historical context, combining a mix of narration, music, and Inge’s own voice. The audio piece that has just been created is powerful and poignant. This audio project was shared with our audience last night during the show, so when you click on the audio link above, please take note of this very special and unique story.