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5 Tips to prepare your loved one’s home or apartment for winter weather


By Maria Burke, RN

In preparation for these next few months (hopefully only weeks!) of winter, I’d like to offer a few tips for those of you who are taking care of a loved one. Here’s a quick check list on things they want to address.

  1. Walkways – Make sure their walkways and paths they use to get in and out of their home are in good condition. Repair cracks to avoid any potential falls.
  2. Ice and Snow Melt – Have a bag ready for the first ice and snow fall so your loved one isn’t caught off guard and homebound until their walkways are passable.
  3. Proper Lighting – Good lighting throughout the home, both inside and out, particularly in the room your loved one uses the most is very important. Our eyesight diminishes as we age and providing a well-lit living area will be helpful for ease, comfort and safety.
  4. Heating – Check your loved one’s heating system to make sure it’s in good working condition in order to avoid emergency situations during the winter months.
  5. Reduce Clutter – It’s always good to de-clutter their home or living space by tossing old newspapers, junk mail, household items and such to ensure clear pathways to and from the kitchen, washroom and bedroom. It also gives a clean, fresh and cheery environment when their living areas are organized and clutter-free.

Bundle up and stay safe!


Maria Burke

About  the author:
Maria Burke was born in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland. She is the eldest of six and immigrated to the United States in 1988 to pursue a nursing degree to become a registered nurse. She served as a visiting nurse and from there, launched her own home health care company. Celtic Angels has two offices; Weymouth and Needham and services hundreds of elderly people across Massachusetts with a variety of services including skilled nursing, homemaking services and home health aide and CNA care services.