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Crown Colony Pharmacy opens in Quincy


New pharmacy offers specialized services for seniors

Quincy – A new pharmacy has recently opened on Boston’s South Shore, Crown Colony Pharmacy, in Quincy, a family owned, independent pharmacy that prides itself on providing a high level of personal attention.

In a world full of large chain pharmacies, Crown Colony, as well as other independent pharmacies, set themselves apart by offering services that most chain pharmacies do not.

Independent pharmacies typically do not fill as high a volume of prescriptions as chain pharmacies. This means they have more time for their patients, they typically know patients by name, and provide each of them with an individualized level of service that is often just too time consuming for large chain pharmacies. Small independent pharmacies don’t keep you waiting on hold forever, and you can reach an actual person instead of a machine and you don’t have to come back in a few hours to pick up your medications.

Many independent pharmacies such as Crown Colony Pharmacy offer pharmaceutical compounding, which is essentially the process of making a drug from scratch when a specialized dose or product is needed. These specialized services and customer care set them apart from the big pharmacies.

Crown Colony Pharmacy has a special focus senior care services, providing the knowledge and assistance needed to make life easier and keep their senior customers independent. The staff at Crown Colony strive to help their patients feel confident with their knowledge about what they are taking and why they are taking it.
They monitor all customer medications for interactions, and are always available to talk with you about medication questions.

Specialized Senior Services Program and Free Delivery

Their specialized senior services program provides assistance with everything you will need, so that taking your medications is as simple as possible. Their program offers easy prescription transfer, with the pharmacy doing all the work needed to get you transferred over. They call your current pharmacy,  call your doctor, and organize everything. They know your time is important, and transportation can sometimes be difficult. To make this easier on you, they also offer medication synchronization. When your medications are synced to refill at the same time, you are no longer making trips to the pharmacy every other day. They can sync your medications and also package them. With their medication packaging services, your pill boxes are filled for you so you can easily keep track of your medications. If you need delivery service, just let them know, as they offer free delivery to the towns of Braintree, Milton, and Quincy.

What most independent pharmacies would want you to know is that you do have a choice in your pharmacy service. You don’t need to worry that your copays and drug prices will change, as most insurance plans have exactly the same copay prices, no matter which retail pharmacy you choose. Patients often report lower copays at independent pharmacies because there are no hidden dispensing fees added into your cost. The one change you can count on, is that the level of service and care that you experience will change dramatically for the better.

Please stop in to meet the staff at Crown Colony Pharmacy, or give them a call. The professionals at Crown Colony Pharmacy is excited and ready to help you become more independent with your medication treatment.

Crown Colony Pharmacy


Braintree – Milton – Quincy

500 Congress St., Suite 19, Quincy, MA 02169