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What’s your story?


By Randy Veraguas

I think storytelling has become as popular as downsizing! The company I work for, Atria Senior Living, has been giving out really cool holiday gifts that focus on facilitating storytelling. There’s the Moth Hour on NPR (National Public Radio). There’s the Story Slam at the Norwell Library. There’s the bimonthly Hull Firefly! There are my own events that revolve around storytelling whether I’m at work or running my networking groups called 5 Score and So Much More. Stories have been around since the dawn of man but it’s fascinating to me right now how story telling is in the Limelight. Much like downsizing is.

Those of you who have been reading this know I have purchased a smaller home. Everywhere I go now people ask the same! How’s your house coming along? Are you in your house yet? And if they have the time they get to hear a really cool story. Cool because these stories always make them feel so much better about their life! hahaha Not so cool from my perspective… needless to say, I haven’t moved in yet. But I digress.

There will come the day, when I will be in my new smaller home and my stories of what it took to downsize, will make me laugh and realize how lucky I am. Downsizing is all the rage. It’s all over HGTV. It’s all over Facebook. You can downsize into a trailer. You can downsize into a houseboat. You can downsize into an in-law suite or to a pod in someone’s backyard. You can downsize into a towering loft in the middle of the city or under the ground, down under in Austria. No matter where you go, you’re going to be creating stories. Already each month there are more downsizing articles popping up in this very publication you’re reading. Downsizing tips and downsizing guides are everywhere.

Your story is going to be unique. Hunt for that. Work it out. Enjoy those bumps in the road because those are what make the best stories. Own It. Revel in it. Try to realize when you are in the middle of your story. There’s going to be an ending. It’s your choice. Make it a happy one! Dare to find the story.

About the Author: Randy Veraguas, Community Sales Director at Atria Marina Place, is an expert on down-sizing. Her energy and enthusiasm translate through her writing. Randy is also the Creative Producer of the TV Pilot, Dare to Downsize. Randy’s contact information: Randy.Veraguas@AtriaSeniorLiving.com 781-635-5414 www.DareToDownsize.weebly.com





Reprinted from the “Dare to Downsize” column in the May 2019 edition of the South Shore Senior News