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Listen to an AARP update with Cindy Campbell


Cindy Campbell, Communications Director for AARP Massachusetts, was our guest host on Sunday night’s My Generation radio show, broadcast on 95.9 WATD-FM from 7-8 pm. She welcomed her AARP colleagues State Director Mike Festa, and Advocacy Director Jessica Constantino, as her guests.

They discussed recent legislative updates regarding retirement savings plans and financial relief for caregivers, and new methods that scammers are using to defraud the public including a scam involving bogus charities. Mike Festa discusses the dozens of Massachusetts towns and communities that are now part of the Age-Friendly movement that is being championed by AARP on a national level. Festa says that communities want to be as much as possible, friendly to those who want to stay in the community as they age. He says,  “you don’t do that by accident. You do that by a commitment of your town officials and volunteers that want to be sure that as they spend money in their budget…they are doing so to ensure that people feel they can stay in their community as long as possible.”  There are now 55 Age-Friendly communities in Massachusetts.

To listen to this informative show, click on the audio link below.