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This too shall pass..wise words from Loretta LaRoche


Aging with Sass and Class

By Loretta LaRoche

How many times have we heard we are living in “unprecedented times,” followed by the latest Coronavirus updates, and by enough fear to make you want to start building an underground bunker in your backyard.

The last time I went to the supermarket, looking like a Bedouin without a camel, I noticed that most people were acting as if they had been medicated. There were no smiles, or even a simple hello. It was as if they had all been naughty, and someone had put them into a “time-out.”

I think people are in shock. Could any of us, in our wildest dreams, have imagined that in just a few short months after the holidays, we would be in a scene from the Twilight Zone? I keep waiting to find an alien in my closet, trying to fit into a pair of my sneakers.

I often compare my existence now to the movie Groundhog Day…Wake up (thank God), eat breakfast, check emails, read paper to see if I should go shopping for an armored suit, try to do some exercises, shower, watch a little Netflix, make dinner, and on and on. I don’t know how many times during my busy career I wished for the time to do projects around the house. Well guess what, every day I tell myself I can do it tomorrow. “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow creeps into this petty pace…” (Macbeth). Truer words were never spoken.

My procrastination methods have become incredibly sophisticated. I should write a book called “How to be Organized with an Unorganized Mind.” I actually think I could live quite happily with a group of sloths. The bottom line is that I have always needed a deadline to get things done. I imagine a lot of you are similar. It’s time to simply accept the realty of who we are and enjoy it.

One thing I have always enjoyed is cooking. I really loved it initially. I took out the cookbooks and devoured the recipes with the thought of preparing some sumptuous meals during this at-home time. I had good intentions, but I’ve had dendrite slippage. A few sumptuous meals a week are enough; many more will only add to my resembling a weevil. Once we can go out, I will have to be rolled out the door.

Believe me, I know this is not all fun and games. There is a great deal of sorrow and grief attached to this crisis. It is important to address our feelings and to treat ourselves, as well as those around us, with empathy and compassion. I feel that accessing our humor, when possible, is necessary as long as it is not hurtful.

Try to get fresh air, eat as well as you can, talk with loved ones often, and keep in mind that “this too shall pass.”

About the Author

Loretta LaRoche is an award winning, acclaimed speaker, author and international stress expert and humor consultant who has evoked wit and irreverent humor on her audience for over 30 years.  Using humor to reframe a stressful situation, Loretta captures a new perspective on the difficult parts of life. Her teaching style, credibility and incontestable humor are integral parts to her compelling presence.

She is founder and president of The Humor Potential, Inc, a company offering programs and products for life style management. Loretta’s special brand of optimistic psychology has an undeniable positive effect on the health of all that are exposed to her.

As an acclaimed author, she has toured with the Hay House, “I Can Do It!”conferences.  She is a well-recognized Hay House best-selling author of 8 books. For more information, including how to book Loretta for your next event or education conference, please visit her website: https://www.lorettalaroche.com


Reprinted from the May 2020 edition of the South Shore Senior News.