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Who are those women behind the masks?


By Natalie Ahern, Owner, All the Right Moves

My Operations Manager, sounding board and friend, Lisa Patterson, recently came up with that tag line for our business as an idea to explain some of the precautions we have been taking in the shadow of COVID. As downsizing specialists, most of our clients are over age 55 and in a higher risk category. Our safety measures must be extra careful to ensure we maintain our good health and the health of our clients. And so, our masks have become part of our uniform (along with our blue shirts and aprons).

Some of the other precautions we take are: checking our temperatures and oxygen levels each work day, washing hands frequently and carrying hand sanitizer. All movers, junk haulers or other contractors we recommend will wear masks in our clients’ homes. We also ask our clients to don a mask, so we may protect them and to keep us healthy. We don’t want to spread any illness to other clients. Although wearing a mask feels less personal to us (I still find it hard to determine if a masked person is smiling at me!), it is the best way we know to show we care.

How else has COVID changed the downsizing business? With more people staying close to home, donation centers have become overwhelmed with families attempting to clean out and organize their houses. As a result, many donation centers are limiting the number of items accepted or turning away donations to avoid a backlog of items in their resale centers. Check with your local charity on items they will take before you load up your car.

Auction houses are more restricted in how many people may enter their establishments and face challenges of reaching potential buyers. Some have turned to virtual auctions to allow more people to see the many fine products they have to offer. Junk haulers are swamped with clean-out requests and may require additional time to help you dispose of the items you may need removed from your home.

During this challenging period for all of us, please know that downsizing specialists, junk haulers, donation centers and auctioneers all want to help you with your downsizing needs.  We are grateful to be working again and are doing all we can to keep our clients safe. With a little bit of extra planning and some additional safety precautions, together we can make this happen.

In the meantime, if you see two masked women wearing matching blue shirts, give us a wave and a smile and know we will be smiling at you too!

About the Author: Natalie Ahern has extensive experience in project management, home decorating and floor planning in homes on and around Boston’s South Shore. Whether a client is downsizing, relocating or aging in place, Natalie manages it all with calm efficiency. Her favorite part of the job is the lasting relationships she forms with her clients. “When you spend time going through a lifetime of personal belongings, you really get to know a person. It’s a gift to be able to share so many memories with my clients.” Natalie is a member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, the leading membership organization for senior move managers. ∞