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PODCAST: Director of the Boston Center for Memory, Dr. Paul Solomon, discusses exciting news about Alzheimer’s treatment…listen in!


Doreen Lang, Guest Host

Last night guest host Doreen Lang was fortunate to have Dr. Paul Solomon as her guest on My Generation, broadcast on 95.9 WATD-FM. Dr. Paul Solomon is a founder and the Clinical Director of the Boston Center for Memory. He specializes in Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuroscience and is a licensed neuropsychologist. Dr. Solomon is also an Investigator of the Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Boston University School of Medicine.



Dr. Solomon

Dr. Solomon has also appeared frequently to discuss pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease on national television including The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS Morning Show, and CBS, ABC, and NBC Evening News. His work on screening for Alzheimer ’s disease has been featured on Dateline NBC, NPR, Newsweek, New York Times, Forbes, and the Larry King Radio Show. Dr. Solomon developed two screening instruments for Alzheimer’s disease, the 7 Minute Screen, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Questionnaire.

Listen to this fascinating and timely discussion by clicking on the audio link below: