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Make dinner with just 7 ingredients


Doreen’s Dinners

Using just 7 ingredients you can make a wholesome, satisfying, easy, low calorie, filling, and soul-warming 30-minute soup. Here’s my tried-and true recipe that my clients ask me to make over and over again. Try it, love it, that’s my promise!

Tortilla Soup                                   (Serves 4) Lasts a week in fridge.

2     Tbs of olive or coconut oil

1      Large diced Onion

1      Tbs of ground Cumin

2     14oz cans of *bone broth or reduced sodium chicken broth

1      28oz can fire-roasted diced tomatoes

4     Cups of chopped cooked chicken from rotisserie chicken

2     4oz cans of diced green chile peppers

In a 5-6-quart Dutch oven cook onion and cumin in hot oil on medium heat 5 minutes until tender.

Add broth, tomatoes, chicken and chili peppers. Simmer 30-minutes on low until done.

Options: You can also add 1 can of rinsed black beans or corn. Serve as is, or with corn tortilla chips, a dollop of sour cream, chopped cilantro.

*My business is based on cooking you comfort meals with a healthy spin to maintain optimum health and weight control.  Bone broth is worth the effort to make at home, but if you don’t want to buy, roast and boil the bones like I do to extract the nutritious collagen, you can purchase organic bone broth at your local grocery. Bone broth is delicious and excellent for you bones and skin. Contact me to make your life easier, healthier and tastier. www.doreensdinners.com or 339-526-2049.

Doreen Lang, owner of Doreen’s Dinners