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PODCAST: Author Sylvia True discusses her new book, Where Madness Lies


Author Sylvia True

Last night guest host Doreen Lang welcomed noted author Sylvia True to My Generation, broadcast on 95.9 WATD-FM from 7-8 p.m. True’s new book, Where Madness Lies, is a fascinating story set in Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, with a focus on mental illness. To listen to the show please click on the audio link below.

About the book:

Germany, 1934. Rigmor, a young Jewish woman is a patient at Sonnenstein, a premier psychiatric institution known for their curative treatments. But with the tide of eugenics and the Nazis’ rise to power, Rigmor is swept up in a campaign to rid Germany of the mentally ill. USA, 1984. Sabine, battling crippling panic and depression commits herself to McLean Hospital, but in doing so she has unwittingly agreed to give up her baby. Linking these two generations of women is Inga, who did everything in her power to help her sister, Rigmor. Now with her granddaughter, Sabine, Inga is given a second chance to free someone she loves from oppressive forces, both within and without. This is a story about hope and redemption, about what we pass on, both genetically and culturally. It is about the high price of repression, and how one woman, who lost nearly everything, must be willing to reveal the failures of the past in order to save future generations. With chilling echoes of our time, Where Madness Lies is based on a true story of the author’s own family.