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Getting the insurance industry to ‘pony up’ for senior’s medical claims


By Nancy Muckle

CEO/Founder, Problems Solved


Dealing with medical claims is never easy. When it comes to settling bills, many seniors often experience the runaround from health professionals, medical facilities and, of course, insurance companies.

Getting the coverage you’re entitled to shouldn’t involve being denied because of bureaucratic inefficiency or human errors in processing claims. It doesn’t have to be that way. I can help you break through the clutter of robotic voices that say, “We’re sorry for any inconvenience” and then not deliver satisfactory results.

My company Problems Solved deals with these issues all the time. I help seniors and others get the medical coverage they are owed—because I know how to do it. My company specializes in smashing through the brick walls thrown up by lower-level customer service representatives to reach the senior executives who have the authority to fix the situation—whether it has to do with eldercare, healthcare, travel, automotive, insurance claims or any other discrepancy involving money.

Recently, I helped a woman with her medical bill dispute. Her claim for an MRI and mammogram—totaling $2,000—had been denied four times by the insurance company—one of the largest in the industry. She was at a loss and didn’t know what to do, until she came to me, that is.

As owner of Problems Solved, I’m used to finding ways to mediate these seemingly impossible issues. I worked for years with major corporations and understand their hierarchical structure. I know who to call to get these snags unsnagged.

And that’s what I did for this woman. I listened to her as she told me all the details, then knew exactly what to do. I picked up the phone and spoke directly to a senior executive at this global insurance conglomerate. Problem Solved!

At Problems Solved, I find a way to get your money back. If I agree to take your case, I will get results—or you pay nothing. It’s as simple as that. We’re not lawyers, but lawyers send us their clients with problems that don’t require a lawyer. We find a way to resolve an issue through proper inquiries and polite discussion.

Need a problem solved? Call me, Nancy Muckle of Problems Solved, at 781-258-9050. Visit my website at www.probssolved.com for details.